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November 20, 2009


Okay folks I don't have to tell you whats going on. Its the final show tonight, be there or else you will regret it forever, so do what you have to do to get to Sneaky's tonight; steal a car, quit your job, rob a TD bank, whatever. Colin will be jumping back onto the saddle tonight for his only show on this farewell tour.

A few Notes:
1) People have been asking is the show all-ages. To be honest I'm not entirely sure. I've been assuming the whole time its +19 because all the times I've been there I had to show my ID, however everywhere I see the show listed it does not mention +19 or all ages. So to all you kids out there go at your own discretion, learn to communicate(other than facebook) by using the phone to call ahead to the venue(its not hard, just google or facebook "Sneaky Dee's" for the number, I'm not your mother find it on your own) or be ready to bring your fake ID. CONFIRMED The show tonight IS +19

2) Also get there early, not just for the openers but its going to be packed, if not at the beginning of the show definitely by the end when Ho-Life gets on stage. Keep in mind, LAST SHOW EVER. Capacity at Sneaky Dee's is 250, the facebook event page have already have that many confirmed so at least half that is showing up.

Nov 20th

w/ Little Millionaires and City SweetHearts. Aftershow w/ DJ Misty
Sneaky Dee's - Toronto, ON
Price: $5, $6, $8 whatever it is, its PRICELESS!
Doors at 9pm

November 17, 2009

Swan Song Begins - Concerts[UPDATED]

OK kids, its the final countdown! A week of non-stop concerts starting in Montreal to London with Patrick Mathers on lead vocals then with Colin back at the last show in Toronto.
I've included as much information as I can for each show but some venues simply do not update their sites and have no info. So if anyone knows any info thats not included in some the shows email me and I will update this post with the info right away, then we'll be friends!
I'll be at the Toronto show, see ya there. Also send in comments, photos and videos you get from the shows.

**Guelph Show Info Updated -
Openers Added

Nov 13th

Club L'Absynthe - Montreal, QC
w/ Dig it up, One-Timer and Still Blind

Nov 14th
L'Echouerie - Quebec City, QC
380 Dorchester, Quebec
(418) 523-0318
w/ Dig It Up and more
Doors at 7:30PM

Nov 15
Cafe Dekcuf - Ottawa, ON
w/ Dig It Up, The PG 13s and Assembleme

Nov 16th
Club Absinthe - Hamilton, ON
w/ With All For Nothing, Farewell Cool Reason and Dead Etiquette
Doors at 8PM - $10

Nov 17th
73 St. Paul - St. Catharines, ON
w/ Street Legal, Permanent Bastards, Small Town Get Up,
and Fear and Loathing
Doors at 7PM - $10

Nov 18th

w/ Kobra Kobra, The Decay and Mark It Zero
The Shadow - Guelph, ON
Doors at 7PM -$10

Nov 19th
w/ TBA
Call The Office - London, ON
Doors at 9pm

Nov 20th

w/ Little Millionaires and City SweetHearts. Aftershow with DJ Misty
Sneaky Dee's - Toronto, ON
Doors at 9pm

November 14, 2009

CharkAttack Article

Here's an article ChartAttack did on the break-up of Hostage Life with drummer, Paul Miller. Here's a quote:

"It wasn't a fun or easy decision for any of us, seeing as we'd all put so much effort and time into being Hostage Life. We had fresh momentum going on amongst the band because we just released a new record and were concocting a bunch of plans for the near future.

"As a band you're always working toward something, even if you don't know what it is, and that's very consuming on time and creativity. Putting that stuff to rest when you still feel in the middle of it is a difficult decision."

November 10, 2009

St. Catharines, Guelph, London

Three more shows added. The guys are really putting on a send-off, getting in every show they can before its over. Also Colin will not be these shows except the last one, Patrick will be singing lead locals.

Nov 17th
73 St. Paul
St. Catharines, ON

Nov 18th

The Shadow
Guelph, ON

Nov 19th
Call The Office ALL AGES
London, ON

November 05, 2009

Break-Ups Suck

Just as the main reason this blog went up, that reason is done.
From their mypace/blog:

"The last Hostage Life show ever will take place at Sneaky Dee's on November 20th. This may seem like it is coming out of left field, but one of us had some personal problems that needed to be taken care of and the rest of the band decided it would be better to break up than to continue a man short. Thanks to everyone that helped, watched, hated, loved, and listened.

xoxo HL"

I can pretty much guess which member they are referring to but I won't point out which one in case I'm wrong. The band is done however this blog will not be, I will continue to keep this blog up in honour of the band and still occasionally update it with lyrics and some things like that. Last note, looks like the Brampton will be canceled so to everyone else I will see you at Sneaky Dee's on the 20th.